Thursday, 29 May 2008

Such a lovely surprise

When I started this blog less than a month ago it was because I wanted to have a place to keep a diary of cards I was making and stuff I was learning. I never really expected it to be read by many other crafters as I don't think my own skills are much to make a fuss about, there so many far more talented crafters out there than me. However today I got a lovely suprise from AngelaC on CraftSwap, she has given me this Kreativ Blogger award! Thanks Angela, you have made my day today!

Next I need to think of three freinds to pass this onto.... my first freind will be fabyon, he is a great card maker and better yet a true friend who gives the best advice and always encourages me with my card making. Not only that, but Fab helped me set up this blog and keeps me right with the techy stuff I don't know - he is truely a gem!

Next I think has to be a lovely American lady I met in a yahoo group - Jan's Farth North Designs blog is full if inspiring ideas!

Those are the only two bloggers I can really claim to know a little bit as freinds because I am quite new to the world of blogging so for my third choice it seems appropriate to pay tribute to a the person who's blog first got me lurking round the world of crafty blogs. Had her blog not been so amazing I would never have realised just how much help is given so freely by talented individuals who share their creations and the techniques they use through the posts on their blogs... so my third choice is Crafty Butterfly.


  1. Thanks Phree for my award, I'll be 'wearing' with pride on my blog ! Thank you ! Hugz Fab X

  2. Well done Phree - you deserve the award for creating such a great blog in only one month!

    Angela xx