Tuesday, 27 May 2008

More Metal

Yesterday I decided to try the metal and alcohol inks again but this time to create something less random than my ATC. Like the metal art, working with alcohol inks is a new area for me. I bought my first sets of inks only a couple of weeks ago, but I think I will definately have to add more colours as I love the effects they create.

Once again I mounted some punched flowers onto card and then covered them with some of the aluminium tape, but this time they were carefully arranged rather than randomly placed. I worked on this till I was happy with the raised effect I had acheived. Next I set to work with the inks, using Pesto ink all over which I applied with a finger tip and then splodging in blending solution the same way. It was impossible to keep the green pesto ink off the flowers so once it was dry I took a cotton bud soaked in blending solution and carefully wiped the green ink of the flowers. I then applied the red ink to the flowers using a cotton bud, the colour is Raisin this time instead of the Red Pepper I had used on the ATC. It seemed like the earlier cleaning with the blending solution had left a residue that made the inks flow and I found I did not need to add any more blending solution.

Once I had finished this I had to decide how to turn it into a card. I felt keeping the card simple and uncluttered would allow the metal art to stand out therefore I chose some white linen effect card to use. I mounted the metal art onto the card with foam pads and used more of the Raisin alcohol ink to colour in a silver peel off to co-ordinate.


  1. Wow Phree what a fab effect you got, the card looks brill... so wished I brought some ten secound studio stuff when I saw it in a sale now :(

  2. Your dimensional layer is very nice! I too love playing with metal!

  3. OOOh I like this, very elegant, (esp if I ignore the pink!!!) :)