Saturday, 12 July 2008

Something Simple

I rarely have time to make cards at the weekends as that is when I work. This weekend I am also handicapped by having lent my favorite guillotine that I use all the time to a freind. She started card making about 9 months ago because she saw how much fun I was having, but has never found a guillotine or paper trimmer she feels happy using. She asked about the one I have as she is thinking of buying one of those. I said "look borrow it for a couple of days over the weekend and have a play with it, that way if you find you don't get on with it you have not wasted a lot of money on yet another choice that is the wrong one for you, and if you do like it you can buy one for yourself with confidence". I do think cutters can be personal - what one person loves and uses all the time another just does not get on well with at all.

Anyhow today my new Artylicious CD arrived, Peacock Summer Party, and oh my word! The designs on it are fabulous, can't wait till my days off so I can have a proper play with it! Mind you I am going to have a huge problem trying to decide which of the designs to use first as there are so many fabulous ones to choose from. One of the lovely things about this CD is that you can do something good by buying it. Glenda Waterworth, the designer of the CD, has a family member who suffers from a rare and little understood condition called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and has arranged that a donation from each CD sold will go towards research into this debilitating and incurable condition. More information on PSP can be found on the PSP Association Web Site.

Now why did I entitle this post "Something Simple" - well I keep photos of a lot of the cards I make and my new Artylicious CD has prompted me to look over some of the work I have made with previous CD's. I thought I would share this card from the Artylicious Fantasy Floral CD. It is a very simple card really. Just some shimmery opalescent card stock in a lovely rich purlple colour, 2 printed oval shapes from one of the CD's floral design sets, a peel off sentiment and finally the finishing touch - a butterfly printed onto vellum which I cut out and embellished with a few light touches of Stickles glitter. The butterfly came from yet another of the Artylicious CD's, aptly named Butterfly Bliss.

One last thought, if you have followed any of my links to those CD's take some time to browse through the Graphicus Gallerys. Why? Well because when my mojo has gone AWOL, the Graphicus Gallery is the place where I most often regain it. There is just so much to inspire on those pages.


  1. Hi Phree,
    I've been having a look at your work and it's lovely. I can see you're well into Elusive Images. I have quite a few of their stamps and would love some more. Going to have another look re: the guild as I couldn't find it before when I looked. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Your card is stunning Phree, I often think that simple cards have the most impact and this certainly proves that. It is so elegant.

  3. Love this summery, warm nostalgical and graceful card...YEP love it!!

    Also love the Glimmer mist card- will confess I didn't shake the bottle well enough the first time I used them lol!!

    tfs and TC

  4. There's some beautiful work here since my last visit Phree and I'm delighted to see your work using elusive images.
    Ann x SBS 20

  5. This is beautiful!
    I love purple and butterflies....

    well done...

    x x x

  6. What a beautiful and elegant card :) just received my new CD set too but haven't had a chance to do anything but look yet!

  7. What a lovely card. I love the colours used.
    I know what you mean about cutters, I bought and returned 9 before I bought the large PM guillotine..........and I love it. I even tried the MM £40 one and it didn't cut straight!!

  8. I love the card phree well done, what trimmer do you use? I am still trying to master the art of mats and layers my measurements are not right yet.

  9. Hi Loopy, the card in this post was precut cardstock, and the oval shapes were cut out with scissors. But for most jobs I use a Purple Cows Duo Cutter - mainly the Guillotine side. For matting an layering smaller pices I cut with a tiny litte cheap guillotine I bought at the SECC for a fiver - it does not have a brand name on it and to be honest it's not particularly well constructed but I seem to get along with it.