Monday, 30 June 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers - 20

I am a little confused, but if I have managed to count the numbers correctly then I hope to be part of this sisterhood. You can find out all about this on the Sisterhood's Blog. If I understand the setup correctly when there are enough people asking to join the 20th sisterhood will be ready to get started. Anyhow I now need to add a list of others who are joining. Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing ideas and tips.


  1. Thanks for the comment. I have signed up for the sisterhood # 20, what do we do now? wait until notified or keeptrack of how many have signed up?

    GReat Blog!


  2. Hi

    I will update my blog this afternoon just whizzing in to say HIYA SIS
    Great skinnys will drop by and take a longa stroll later

    Have a great day gotta find me floors and spruce bathroom as Got someone comming to measure for 2 windows I hate h/work!!


  3. Hi Phree - I'm hoping to be one of sisterhood # 20 too and looking forward to getting to know you
    Ann x

  4. Great Skinny's in the previous post yet to make one ...

    I'm a fellow SBS 20 memeber and have yet to make a sidebar I have managed to leave a hello on all other Sistah's blogs today so feeling chuffed!!

    Have a great day
    Happy Crafting

  5. hello I am one of your sisters and just saying hi.
    Your cards are great.
    Take care.

  6. I'm in the Sisterhood too :) Just trying to visit everyone's blog this morning before I 'start my day' Look forward to seeing more of you.
    I've just had a quick look round your blog and your work is lovely.

  7. Just popped in to say a quick hello as I am in SBS20 too :)

  8. Hiya i am hoping to be one of the sisters :) look forward to getting to know you and looking around your blog everyday
    Wendy xx

  9. Hi, I'm like you, just waiting! Looking forward to having you as one of my "sisters" on SBS

  10. Hiya

    I know Tessa said she didn't mind being Admin but looking at the advicey blurby bits they advise more than one and Id like to say not for me please as I'm no expert at the PC ETC so happy you 2 are opting for it and I don't mind if anyone else want to do it to - if you know what I mean then if life events occur there's lots to help and no single person feels wholey responsible.......... DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE??
    I hope this helps lol


  11. Hello Phree,
    Looks like I made it onto the list so thought I'd call by. Looking forward to getting to know you. Love that tree card. It's fab.
    Beryl xx

  12. Hi Phree, I loved the saying you left in my blog its wise. I haven't made the list as yet but am hoping.

  13. Just dropped by to have a look at your blog (so glad I did as it is wonderful and full of inspiration)...just joined SBS 20 too!

    Denise X

  14. Hi - I'm one of your sisters - looking forward to getting to know you.

  15. Hi there SBS 20 sister,

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    Your blog is now linked on my page.

    Chat soon,

    Nikki x

  16. Hi Phree,

    I am one of your new 20 sisters.
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone