Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Q? When is Purple not Purple ?

A: When it's a mostly Green card!

A few days ago I had settled down to make a card for a swap, the theme was to to be the colour Purple. All was going well, I had stamped and embossed in white onto some purple card, a little flower stamp that came as the free stamp with a copy of Craft Stamper several months ago. I then painted my little flower with some purple H20's, edged the card with some Brilliance ink (Lavender) and all was looking good - very "purple" - buth then the rot set in! I decided to add some sparkle in the form of some rather nice green glitter, just a touch, not a lot, it was looking good, a nice point of contrast with the purples. Next came a greeting, well my eye lighted upon some rather nice Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder, Malachite Fire Aurora to be precise, and my brain decided that as it has a lovely green shimmer it would co-ordinate nicely with my touches of green glitter. So I chose a stamp with the word "Celebrate" from an HOTP set of clear stamps and proceeded to emboss my greeting onto some more of the purple card and still things were looking good....

My next decison was what to stick these bits onto? Well, I had some rather nice bright juicey lime green card, and after all a little of that showing around the edges would again bring in a hint of the green contrasts I had been using. However the green card ended up being a much larger piece, with more on show than I had envisaged but no matter .. back to purple card for another layer. This time I stamped the stamem part of my flower stamp around the edges of my purple card using the Brilliance Lavender ink, edged the card by running the ink pad round it and layerd this up - I was back on track, my card was going to be a purple card after all! But hang on a minute wouldn't that look even better with an edge of green glitter? So I added more green glitter along the border where the green and purple card meet.

Now there was one final hurdle to clear - what was I going to use for my card itself and after trying lots of different things I found the only card I liked was more of the lovely lime green! I was pleased with my card, but it just was not a "purple" card, however as my next project was to make a card for a Birthday List which has a birthday today I decided my "mostly green" card would make a nice card for a birthday card and so I hope "Craft Addict" enjoys her card and her birthday today!

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