Thursday, 30 April 2009

Grungeboard Flowers Workshop and Assorted Thanks

Whew yesterday was a blast! I was down at Barnard Castle visiting Graphicus (my fav craft shop) to do a workshop with the lovely and very talented Lynne Robinson-Hunter. Thank you Lynne, you rock, I had a fabulous time yesterday and enjoyed getting very very inky!

So what did we do in the workshop yesterday? Well we made some absolutely gorgeous dimentional flowers with Grungboard and a selection of Elusive Images Stamps - mainly using stamps from the Big Flowers, Diamante Delights and Ruby Tuesday themplates, but a few other's crept in too. I had first seen these last year when Lynne showed me some she had been making, they looked very tricky to make, but in actual fact they are not - well maybe a little bit if you are rubish at cutting out like me - slowest in the class cuz I can't cut out at any kind of speed.

We made 2 projects, a tag with a flower which we then turned into a card and a broach. The flowers for both projects were made by first choosing some of the flower stamps in different sizes and stamping 3 of them onto Grungeboard with a permanent ink. The flowers were then cut out and coloured on both sides using Distress Inks applied with some Cut N Dry foam. With that done we flipped the flowers over and spritzed them liberally with water on the back. Next step was to leave the wet flowers for maybe 10 minutes or so to let the Grungboard soak in the water. The effect of this was to allow us to turn up the petals of each flower which we did by folding it back to the furthest point it would go then, with our thumbs, rolling it back open again. This created the curled up edges to the petals and while the Grungeboard was wet you could continue to manipulate it to get the degree of curl into each petal that you wanted. The leaves were done the same way.

With that done it was simply a case of layering up the flowers, adding some glitter, or spriting with Glimmer Mists or whatever took your fancy to embellish it some, and then mounting it onto a tag, or whatever you want to. My Broach is only 2 layers - remember what I said about being a slow cutter - I figured I had best limit myself to 2 layers as we were running out of time. The rest of the class not only managed to make 3 layers but added lovely flourishy swirls behind their broaches! I love the extra shimmer I got on my broach with the added spritz of Gimmer Mists.

Finally some more thanks to Judith from Judith @ Poppy Cottage and Sally from Crafty Salutations who have both given me an award - the "Makes my Heart Smile" Award. Thank you to both of you, I am very touched you thought of me when deciding who to pass the award on to. As this is an award that has been pased to me before I am going to skip on passing it onwards again, but if you are one of the folks who read this blog, please feel free to take it because your kinds comments always may MY heart smile. You can find the award logo in my sidebar.


  1. Lovely creations Phree, you sound like you have fun at the workshop. Good on ya ! X Fab

  2. You obviously enjoyed the workshop Phree!!
    Love your creations.

  3. Wow, two stunning projects. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a great evening.
    Hugs Anesha

  4. Lucky you Phee going to the wonderful Graphicus. I am sooo jealous. Your art is beautiful, these flowers are stunning.


  5. Glad you enjoyed your time at Graphicus ( I am so envious). The brooch it beautiful and that the card is stunning.The colours and textures together are great.
    Beryl xx

  6. It looks like a great workshop. Those projects are gorgeous Phree.

  7. Fantastic project pieces Phree. I wish I'd been there with you especially as I shared the TSS workshop today with 2 ladies who were with you yesterday and they were full of what a fab time you had.

    You were right about the TSS one too. I had a great time. Look forward to seeing you at the end of May.

    Lesley Xx

  8. Glad to know you arrived home safely Phree and that you enjoyed the workshop.... it was my pleasure! You were all such a lovely bunch that it would have been hard not to have enjoyed myself. Your creations were fan dabby dozey and I hope to get time over the weekend to get some pics on my blog. Have a lovely holiday weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Lynn x

  9. Lovely creations certainly looks like you had a great time at the workshop.

  10. How absolutley lovely. I think both of your projects turned our gorgeous. I just looked at her site and I am really loving her unmounted sheets too!

  11. Ooo anther workshop Phree, you lucky girl you. Love what ya made... Keep meaning to buy some plain grungeboard, oh well just something else I will add to the ever growing wish list, lol. xx