Friday, 10 October 2008

Suffering for my Art ?

I guess everyone who stamps has the same problems I do - where to keep all those bits and bobs we aquire for our hobby? I have quite a few assorted boxes that originally contained other things, but are sturdy enough to use for storage so I thought I would show you how I have to suffer! Sometimes using up the original contents of my box can be such a dirty job, but someone has to do it! With the original contents gone, and the aid of some lovely papers printed from one of my Artylicious CD's, in this case the Peacock Summer Party CD, I can hide the evidence of my chocolate addiction!

Actually the box has been in service for a while, so it was getting to look a bit grubby, and I think my odd assortment of boxes will be much nicer covered in this way. I am really pleased with how this one looks now, infact it would be perfect not only for storage of my crafty bits and pieces, but to use as a box to give a gift in - just add a pretty bow and one of the co-ordinating tags from the CD.


  1. Hi Phree, I love your new look box and glad you enjoyed the contents lol! Beautiful papers and a great idea. I have something similar in mind as I've just emptied a nice size sturdy box that had toiletries in it. Thanks for the inspiration. Chris x PS, hope you're still healing well.

  2. Beautiful papers, might as well make storage look nice!

  3. Hi

    Love the box those papers are very scrummy!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous Phree!! ♥
    Worth getting some more of those choccies!! ^.^

  5. Yes any excuse to scoff some choccies ! LOL

    The box looks fabulous all decorated though. Well done !


  6. Can I come and help with the next 'dirty job' you have to do please?

    That box is worthy of any gift it might contain.


  7. Your storage box looks gorgeous now Phree. I am just wondering if it still smells of chocs though? LOL

  8. Very very pretty. I like the colors in the feathers. An interesting color combo.

  9. What gorgeous papers and a really pretty storage box. If you ever need another box but can't face the 'dirty work' of emptying it first, let me know!!!