Friday, 17 September 2010

Trick or Treat - The Reveal

Well was it a trick, or was it a treat???.............

Um, yanno getting older make it hard to remember stuff............

Stuff like...................

Was I tricking y'all or not..... and.......

Stuff like........

Where did I put...............


Yay......  it was a TREAT!!!

I have used a random number generator at Random.Org to draw a winner and the lucky number chosen was comment 26.  Now I should point out that someone commented twice, so technically the winning comment is 27th  in the list as I only counted 1 comment per person.  And the lucky winner is belindatec:

belindatec said...

I really love your card that cat is just perfect.

16 September 2010 00:17

Congratulations Belinda, please leave me a comment on this post with your name and postal address so I can mail your stamps to you.  Comment moderation is turned on for this blog so I won't publish the comment that contains your details.
Now it just remains for me to thank everyone who has taken part for all your kind comments and for entering into the fun of  our little Trick or Treat theme.  Right now Elusive Images are offering a wonderful inspiration leaflet (actually IMO it's more of a booklet) for anyone who buys more than one set of the Hallowe'en stamps.  It's a fab leaflet, with lots of ideas and several sets ofstep by step instructions - great for those of you who are newer stampers and may need a little help.  Full details of how to get hold of the leaflet can be found on the Elusive Images Design Team Blog.  Retailers should contact Elusive Images for details of how to get hold or the leaflet for their store.


  1. congratulations Belinda, have a spooky time with those stamps

  2. Thank you Phree as instructed I sent you another comments with my details. Thanks again for this lovely blog candy.

  3. Congrats Belinda, I know you are really going to enjoy these stamps. ikki

    PS: Thanks Phree for your thoughts, I'm so relieved the op is over, just hope there's no infection from the burst appendix. Hope to be travelling your way mid October. x